Assorted geekery and what-not.

Tweaksource specializes in geekery of all kinds. OpenSource softwares such as PHP, MySQL, Linux, Wordpress, Gimp, etc. We also have decades of combined experience in Web Design and as system administrators for Active Directory, Web Servers, Office 365 / Exchange, and Windows Server and Desktop. We also create tools for Powershell administraion and automation in large and cross-platform environments.

Music Production Videos

Sadowick Ultimate Ableton Live Tutorial

FACT Magazine - Against the Clock

Brett Marshall

I like rainbows, unicorns, and long walks in the...wait...wrong blurb...

I like geekery. I design web sites, Powershell scripts and automation tools, C# programs, and whatever else I find interesting.

I have been a musician practically all of my life. I don't play anything with a reed (no clarinets, oboes, saxophones, etc.) and can really make a violin sound terrible with the greatest of ease.

My focus for the past decade or so has been electronic music. I have been using Ableton Live since 2005 and enjoy tinkering with MaxforLive devices, as well.